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Honda Civic Custom Stripes

Custom Wraps

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Don't settle for a mundane ride when you can make it extraordinary with Custom Wrap Masters. Get in touch with our friendly team now for a free consultation and personalized quote. Let us bring your dream design to life and transform your car into a head-turning masterpiece. Drive with confidence, drive in style!

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Dodge charger Custom Racing Stripe

Custom Racing Stripes

Custom racing stripes are a fantastic way for car owners to add a touch of personalization and style to their vehicles while paying homage to the racing heritage that has captivated automotive enthusiasts for generations.

Hood Wrap

Whether someone wants to protect their car's paint, add a touch of personalization, or give their vehicle a more aggressive or eye-catching appearance, a hood wrap is an excellent option to achieve the desired look without the permanence of a traditional paint job.

Hood Wrap for Dodger Charger
Taillight and Headlight Tint

Taillight and Headlight Tint

Taillight tint refers to the process of applying a dark-colored film or vinyl overlay to the rear lights (taillights) of a vehicle. The purpose of tinting the taillights is primarily aesthetic, as it gives the vehicle a sleek and customized appearance. The tint film is usually available in various shades, commonly ranging from light smoke to dark smoke or even black.


One of the significant advantages of Plasti Dip is its reversibility. If a car owner decides to change the look of their wheels or revert to the original appearance, the Plasti Dip can be peeled off relatively easily without damaging the underlying wheel surface. This is in contrast to traditional wheel painting, which is more permanent and often requires sanding or chemical stripping to remove.

Wheel Powder Coating

Roof Wrap

Roof wraps are typically made from high-quality vinyl materials that are specifically designed for automotive applications. Professional installers ensure precise fitting and seamless application, resulting in a clean and professional finish.

Carbon Fiber Roof Wrap
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