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Wall Mural Install At Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

A vibrant campus environment plays a crucial role in fostering a positive and engaging atmosphere for students. The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) in Boston understands this sentiment and continuously seeks innovative ways to enhance the overall college experience for its students. Recently, a remarkable graphic installation project was undertaken to transform the student locker areas on campus, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and materials. In this blog post, we'll explore the journey of this impressive endeavor, which involved full-wrap graphics using 3M IJ180 and glossy lamination, and how it breathed new life into the campus.

Choosing the Right Materials

A critical decision in the project's success was the choice of materials. After careful consideration, MCPHS opted for the 3M IJ180 vinyl material, renowned for its high-quality, durability, and versatility in printing applications. This vinyl material is known for its ability to adhere smoothly to various surfaces, including lockers, while maintaining color vibrancy and sharpness.

Installation: Precision and Expertise

As the printed graphics were ready, the Wrap4cars installation team, equipped with technical expertise and experience in graphic installation, took over to bring the designs to life. Applying large vinyl wraps with precision requires skill, ensuring that each graphic installation seamlessly with the locker surfaces. The glossy lamination added a touch of elegance, making the graphics pop and adding depth to the visuals.

The installation process was executed during a carefully planned timeframe, minimizing disruptions to campus life while maximizing efficiency. Watching the once plain locker areas transform into inspiring, dynamic spaces was truly a sight to behold

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1 Comment

Galaxy design car wrap
Galaxy design car wrap
Jul 21, 2023

i love those , i wish i could do my garage door like this, good job!

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